About David

My name is David Garcia. I was born in Tucson, Az. and raised by a pack of wolves until the age of 5 when I was found by Dark Warlock who would later mentor me. I’m just kidding. Tucson is too hot for wolves. I was raised by coyotes.

I have been writing on and off since the age of 10, shortly after I finished my apprenticeship with the aforementioned Dark Warlock. His name was Jeff, by the way. He’s since passed. Something involving jocks and ‘roid rage.

I took a break from writing between the ages of 20 and 26 to commit myself full time to drugs and alcohol. You can read about it in my recently published book, Shedding the Reptile: A Memoir.

I have a wonderful wife, two beautiful children and a really stand-offish pooch named Rowdy. I also have two cats, but they’re fat, so I don’t like to talk about them.

When I am not blindly cruising through my degree in Homeland Security at AMU, I write under the pseudonym David Garcia. You can find my blabbering at www.davidcgarcia.com

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